Up here you are sheltered from everything and above all will find people ready to take care of you

Our panoramic Spa is located on the first floor of the Thermal Park. It offers an impressive 360 degree view over the entire Resort thanks to the large windows that allow lots of sunlight to come in. Here you will be sheltered from everything and above all you will find people ready to take care of you. We have 8 massage and wellness treatment booths that will help you regain strength and spirit. And after this you can take your time and rest in our Spa Lounge, with ergonomic loungers and sofas, sipping a herbal tea.

Choose from our massage and wellness treatment proposals. A selection from our Spa Menu is given below.
We recommend you book your treatments ahead of time. This will let you choose the best solutions for you.

Our Spa is open every day and you can contact our dedicated Team:


Massages and wellness treatments help you regain strength and spirit

This is our quintessential relaxing massage. The fragrance of essential oils is already relaxing in itself. There is no precise technique for this massage and much is left to the experience of the masseur who will customize the massage according to the characteristics of the Guest. This type of massage relaxes tensions and gives the right balance back to body and mind. In addition the oil nourishes the skin while the massage improves circulation.
total treatment 50’ / partial 25’

This massage combines the benefits of the relaxing aromatic massage with those of a foot massage. Exerted on the reflexological zones of your feet and ankles to act on general metabolic and organic functions. It improves self-healing capacities and restores harmony to the body.
total treatment 60′ / partial 25′

This massage is focused on the back and neck. It alleviates localized muscle pains caused by incorrect posture, excessive physical exertion, organic and emotional causes. It is suitable for treating joint tightness, strains and pains. It is also very good for people who practice sports. This massage can be expanded by adding a foot massage (total time 35’)
treatment 25′

This massage is also known as manual lymph drainage. The technique was conceived by a Danish physician, Emil Vodder, in the nineteen thirties so it is not by accident that it is also called a Vodder Method massage.
Lymph drainage massages are done by exerting spiral movements on the lymph nodes. The masseur’s movements will be very delicate because this technique works on lymph vessels which are finer than blood vessels.
Lymph draining massages, in addition to therapeutic effects they have on the lymphatic system, are also used for beauty treatments to eliminate water retention and the blemishes of cellulite.
treatment 50′

The sports massage uses different techniques: touching, rubbing, kneading, compressions, percussions, vibrations, frictions, stretching and pressures on precise points. In this case as well specific oils are used. Depending on the desired result these products can have anti-fatigue, relaxing or stimulating properties. This massage is used to warm up the body parts that are massaged, preparing muscles for movement and physical activities, stimulating the nerve endings, expanding blood vessels, reducing heartbeat, blood pressure and improving joint mobility. It also fights stress and favors the production of endorphins and feel-good mediators, increasing our sense of safety and raising our pain thresholds.
treatment 25′

So-called because it is particularly suitable for people who pass many hours in front of a computer, with the consequent neck strains.
Enjoy this massage that is focused on your shoulders and neck to eliminate muscle strains and relax these zones.
treatment 20′

A refreshing massage when foot muscles relax and recover their well-being.
This treatment refreshes the sole of the foot, joints become more flexible and blood circulation improves.
treatment 25′

This massage uses natural body peeling and drainage to help the skin regain its elasticity. The honey massage invigorates, soothes and softens the skin, reducing its blemishes.
It is suitable for dry stressed skin which regains tone and proper hydration. It also has a beneficial relaxing effect.
treatment 25′

This massage has several benefits for pregnant moms. It reduces hormonal and physical stress, relaxes muscle tensions, prevents stretch marks, improves tissue elasticity by stimulating blood circulation, reduces joint swelling thanks to an action that aims at the lymphatic system and provides relief both in joints and muscles in the back area.
treatment 25′

This ancient Hawaiian massage is relaxing but at the same time stimulating and profound. It eases muscles and frees up joints, giving your body an extraordinary sensation of lightness.
Lomi Lomi offers total relaxation for body, mind and spirit. All the energy of Lomi Lomi, transmitted by sliding and ample movements, helps loosen up physical and mental tensions and releases blocked body parts.
treatment 80′

Our Hot Stone Massage is a fascinating mix of massage, energy treatment and contact with beneficial hot basalt stones. This treatment frees your body from stress, fatigue, muscle tensions, giving a new balance to your physical energy. It also eliminates toxins and metabolic waste and dissolves tensions without the need for an excessively energetic massage. The beneficial heat transmitted by the stones has a total relaxation and pure energy recharge effect.
treatment 50′

Shiatsu treatment helps break up stiffness and strains and also unlocks the tightness of joints. Energetic harmony dissolves tensions, reduces pain and gives long term improvement to overall physical and emotional health. Shiatsu literally means “pressure”, which is exerted by the fingers, hands, elbows and knees on various points to rebalance energy along the meridians.
treatment 50′

This massage offers a mix of massage benefits with the use of milk and honey on body parts. It dissolves tensions, loosens strains and makes your skin soft and velvet smooth.
treatment 25′

This massage is inspired by ancient Chinese therapy founded on massages and on pressure on specific points of the foot where there are thousands of nerve endings. According to reflexology principles each body organ is connected, by reflexes, to a particular area of the foot. Acting on these areas causes reactions in the body which is led to direct strength and energy towards its weakest organs, recovering a proper equilibrium and improving efficiency. Foot massage, in addition to these benefits, is also extremely relaxing, stirring blood circulation in the legs and freeing the body from stress and fatigue.
treatment 25′

to make this experience better for all of our Guests we ask you to please take a look at our Spa etiquette rules

We recommend you to book your appointments so you will be ensured the best times and spaces.
To book before you arrive call number +3694 514 108.
If you are already Hotel Guests call extension 608 or go to our SPA reception desk. You can also contact us by emailing

Take time for yourself. We recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes before your treatment so that you can relax, maybe with a hot herbal tea. Please understand that, in respect for our other guests, if you are not punctual when you arrive your treatment time may be shortened to accommodate those following you.

Before, during and after
Please do not arrive at your appointment just after eating a meal since this would weigh down on your body. We recommend you drink plenty of fluids so that your body responds properly to detoxification effects. You must take a shower before your treatment.

We recommend comfortable clothing.
The best thing is to come to your appointment in a bathrobe.
Our Spa center provides disposable towels and linen to protect your privacy.
In pool areas you must wear a swimsuit and slippers.

We ask you to speak in a low tone of voice so that all our Guests can enjoy the quiet of our Spa. We ask you to turn off your mobile phones or keep them in silent mode. You cannot consume alcohol nor smoke. Children under 14 can only access the Spa if they are accompanied by their parents.

Environmental awareness
Environmental protection is very important for us. Please help us in this by efficiently using our water resources, using your towels more than once and by in any case minimizing your load on the environment.

Unexpected events can always happen. You can cancel your appointment without a charge up to 12 hours before your massage time. The following terms shall apply after this deadline:
From 12 to 6 hours prior to the appointment: 15% of the booked treatment will be charged.
From 6 to 1 hour prior to the appointment: 50% of the booked treatment will be charged.
Less than 1 hour prior to the appointment or failure to come: 100% of the booked treatment will be charged.

Personal objects
For your peace of mind please leave your personal objects or valuables in your room or in the lockable cabinets in the dressing room. We will not be responsible for any objects left unattended.

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