Sauna Land

the scent of distant worlds, a tradition and a lifestyle

Our Sauna world is small but welcoming.
Already as you enter this area you start experience the typical aromas of hot wood and essential oils that hark back to a bit more distant worlds.
For many people saunas are a rite, a tradition, a lifestyle. And this is true for us as well, and is well known by our Sauna Masters who perform an aufguss ritual every day, something you absolutely must try. Our saunas offer you a pure and beautiful path to wellness. Discover this here.


Generally this is the start of your path to wellness. Its walls offer radiant heat and its benches are heated to body temperature. Our Roman Bath strengthens your immune system without weighing down on blood circulation.
It also has a pleasant relaxing effect and prepares your body for the other saunas.

30°/40°     20% /30%


A Turkish bath envelopes you in beneficial and purifying steam. In addition to its invigorating and relaxing properties it also fights stress and tensions. Its beneficial steam also expands your skin pores to eliminate impurities, giving your skin new lightness, elasticity and softness. It is also effective in decongestioning your respiratory tract.

40°/50°     100%

Bio Sauna

A bio sauna is mid-way between a Turkish bath and a Finnish sauna. It is ideal for those who cannot support high temperatures and humidity. With a temperature between 50° and 60° and a lower humidity content it offers a pleasing warm sensation that comforts and envelopes you without being overwhelming. At the same time you will lose the same amount of liquids as in a traditional sauna. It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and the respiratory tract.

50°/60°     20% /30%


This is the mother of all saunas. Here you will find it in a charming outdoor area surrounded by the Kneipp path. It aims at strengthening the immune system and helps fight viruses and bacterial diseases. Additionally it has a beneficial effect on your locomotion system and reduces stress. A high temperature generates typical strong sweating but the dry air eliminates any problems in this regard. This is why your body may lose large amounts of fluids and minerals that must be promptly replenished. Here you absolutely have to try our sauna infusions, made by our “Sauna Masters”. And don’t forget to take a regenerating walk on our Kneipp path the moment you leave the sauna.

90°   0%


A Kneipp Path takes its name from the German abbot Sebastian Kneipp who, almost two hundred years ago, conceived of this method that is based on walking first in cold and then in hot basins of water, with significant benefits to the blood circulation. It is excellent right after taking a sauna. Try this beneficial solution in our four-basin outdoors path and discover its benefits.

25° /32°


Our shower emotions path will give you a pleasant sensation of well-being with its perfect blend of multiple jets and atomized water, lights and aromas. The effect is refreshing and revitalizing.

Please note that Sauna Land is reserved for adults only (above the age of 16).
For hygienic reasons, it is advisable to enter the saunas without the swimsuit and only with a sauna towel.
Thus the Sauna Land is considered a textile-free zone.

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