enthusiast for hospitality


Find the time to walk on more than 45,000 square meters of park around our Resort, relax in our pools, indulge in the expert hands of our masseurs or just enjoy the natural light that enters everywhere through our large windows. We at Mjus World have are enthusiast for hospitality.

for your business appointments

Meeting & Conference

You will appreciate our conference halls, all with large windows bringing in natural light and offering views of our verdant gardens, improving your sense of well-being and increasing the productivity during your meetings.

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services and dedicated activities

For Our Little Guests

Hody, our mascot, welcomes all our little guests!
We have studied services and dedicated activities for them.

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here where you will keep on the move

Fun & Sports

We designed Mjus World for those who lead active lives.
Countless possibilities for leisure and sports.
Here is what we have prepared for you.
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quintessential evening entertainment


Our bowling is the ideal excuse to get together with friends or family and spend some time having fun.
Whether you are an expert or a beginner, here there is room for everybody. In this area you will find ping-pong table, softair table and billiard!

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sometimes life leads us to change our way

Shoe Shop

Where we are now, we once made quality soft leather shoes that were worn by thousands of people.
The same attention that was once given to shoes, now made elsewhere, is now given to our guests at Mjus World.

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behind the scenes

Underground Mjus

Miles and miles of pipes, fascinating machinery, valves, tanks and much more.
What is under our feet is the great engine that makes everything run in our Thermal Park.
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there is so much to see

The hinterland and travel ideas

Körmend, where we are located, is a typical rural village immersed in the countryside of this beautiful part of Hungary, just a few miles from the Austrian border. Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest are just a two-hour drive away.

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Mjus World is really close to everything

How To Get Here

Vienna and Budapest are about a two-hour drive away, while Graz and Bratislava are just over an hour and a half.
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