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Dear Guest,

the effects of Covid19 have changed many of our habits and many aspects of our daily life. Grocery shopping, a dinner with friends, or sporting activities require some extra attention today. Even our holidays will undergo some changes but not for this we will have to give up. For us, who have always worked to give you a unique experience of relaxation and well-being, it is essential to guarantee a safe stay without sacrificing the quality of our service. In this period we have developed a protocol with rigorous safety standards, based on the indications of the health authorities and also on internal procedures of our safety team. Take some time to read this guide and find out why to choose us.

The Vas region and the town of Körmend are located far from the large crowded cities, in the green and boundless countryside where life takes on a slow and genuine rhythm.

Mjus World extends over 100,000 square meters of land and our large internal dimensions guarantee you space for everyone and guaranteed social distances. Around us only green and beautiful countryside: no other large hotel or crowded tourist resorts.


  • The use of the mask is not mandatory but recommended.
  • Your holiday starts earlier with our new online check-in service. Zero waiting for your arrival: you only have to sign your data (with rigorously disinfected pens!).
  • To ensure everyone’s safety, we will monitor your body temperature at different points of the Resort (at the access to the main services) using the latest generation of automatic thermal scanners.
  • Special signs will help you maintain a safe distance of 1.5 meters.
  • For some time you will not be able to see the smile of many of our collaborators, but you will be able to perceive it in their eyes; in fact, we will use masks and gloves where necessary, to always guarantee maximum hygiene.
  • Our lifts are constantly cleaned and sanitized but we recommend using up to 2 people at a time. What good opportunity to keep fit by using our stairs?
  • Automatic dispensers of disinfectant gel are at your disposal throughout the Resort as well as you can request gloves and masks in case of need.
  • In all our public toilets, you will find virucidal soap.


  • We perform ozone sanitation on all the rooms in check out.
  • After each departure, our rooms, cleaned and sanitized, remain still  24 hours before being occupied again.
  • We only use certified virucidal products for cleaning all surfaces. In addition, our team follows strict cleanliness and safety procedures from the entrance to your room.
  • Our bathroom and bed linen is entrusted to industrial laundries that follow safe high-temperature washing standards.
  • If you stay up to a maximum of three nights, if you wish, you can request the suspension of the daily cleaning service.
  • Don’t give up on your minibar! The only difference is that you will find ecological plastic glasses (and not glass), individually packed.


  • The Lo Spaghetto restaurant has large spaces, where you will find the right distance between you and the other guests guaranteed. However, as an additional guarantee, we have introduced a maximum number of people who can be present at the same time. In the periods with the greatest attendance, therefore, we will invite you to book your table at predefined times for both breakfast and dinner.
  • As always, for your breakfast and dinner, you can choose from our exquisite buffet independently. We guarantee maximum hygiene and attention with a frequent change of service cutlery and surface cleaning. However, should you feel more comfortable and safe, we will be happy to serve you directly from the kitchen. In this case, please contact our team.
  • If you prefer, you can choose to have your meal in your room with our room service at no extra charge. Please note that delivery, for service reasons, will take place at specific times and the choice may be limited.


  • The water in our swimming pools is treated according to strict sanitary protocols and with products that guarantee its quality and safety.
  • Your rest is guaranteed in the pairs of deckchairs which are spaced 1.5 meters apart. each other both internally and in our outdoor gardens.
  • We invite you to respect the obligation to take a shower before and after using our swimming pools.
  • Access to the park for external guests may be temporarily closed if the available places are exceeded.
  • Don’t give up your moments of relaxation. Massages and treatments are always available!
  • Our cabins and instruments are sanitized after each use.
  • During your massage, our operators will wear gloves and a mask. We will also ask you the courtesy of wearing a mask that we will provide you for free.
  • Before each treatment, please take a shower (you will find it in our Spa).


  • Even our maintenance staff, in case of intervention in your room, will follow safety procedures and wear gloves and masks.


  • All members of our team have been trained concerning new safety procedures and service standards.
  • We have introduced strict safety and control procedures for access to work.
  • Suppliers and incoming goods are controlled in a separate area of our Resort.
  • The management of the goods that arrive and are then sorted is done safely and compliant with all applicable regulations.


We understand that a holiday is an awaited moment and we look forward to welcoming you, but we advise all our Guests not to travel in the event of a fever or more or less acute respiratory tracts disorders such as cough or cold. It is good to know, however, that in the event of these ailments or fever occurring on your arrival or during your stay, our team is prepared to manage some simple procedures that make you and others safe. Therefore, please note the following.


  • If we detect a fever (from 37.5 °) or respiratory ailments during the check-in phase, it will not be possible to access it to the services and spaces of the Resort. If you do not have the opportunity to return home, do not worry, a courtesy room will be available to you where you can stay in complete safety pending the visit of a doctor who can advise you on what to do. Of course, you will receive all the necessary assistance from us and we will provide you with any meals safely in your room. Please remember that in this case, it is still not possible to access the services and all areas of the Resort.


  • If you experience symptoms during your stay, we invite you to promptly inform our staff. However, if fever (from 37.5 °) or other disturbances are detected in the points of access to our services (such as thermal park or restaurant), we can not let you go in. In this case, we will invite you to stay in your room and we will provide you with all the necessary assistance as well as any meals in safe mode pending the visit of a doctor – if necessary – who can advise you on what to do. For your eventual travel companions, sharing the same room, a courtesy room will be available to stay in complete safety. It is good to keep the insulation pending a medical opinion.


  • The procedures described above are part of a safety protocol that we have developed following the indications of the local health authorities and the World Health Organization. Please understand how your and the safety of the others come to us before anything else. Your collaboration in following the directions of our staff will be fundamental and we thank you for your understanding right now.
  • In case you come from a warm environment or just after physical activity, body temperature may be altered. For this reason, in case of doubt, we will ask you the courtesy to carry out a new temperature measurement to our thermal scanners after 10 minutes.

Some of the services mentioned may not be available in compliance with the provisions given by the competent health authorities, which our company scrupulously follows.

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