Lake Pool

an oasis of cool relax in the midst of greenery

Lake Pool

In the midst of greenery, surrounded by palm trees and straw umbrellas, this pond-shaped pool is almost like an oasis. The water here is cooler than in the other pools, offering freshness during hot summer days. The stretch of water, with its two access boardwalks, is divided into two areas with a small part reserved for children.

Our deckchairs, all around the pool, are where you can relax and sunbathe.
For those who love shade and a bit more calm there is a dedicated area, in the midst of the park, where you can rest or read a good book.
Our “La Piazzetta” Pool Bar is right in front of the pond pool, serving drinks, sandwiches and snacks.
A children’s play area is just a short distance away plus our multipurpose sports field and exercise equipment.
Our pond pool is open during the warmer seasons, usually from spring to early autumn.

  • 20° / 25°
  • 30 / 190 cm
  • 9.00 / 20.00 Hotel Guests
    10.00 / 20.00 External Guests

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