Our values are our driving force

We come from a time when a handshake was worth as much as a signature on a contract. Times have (perhaps) changed. But what we believe in has not. Our values are our driving force. Certainly speaking of values sometimes seems merely fashionable but it is the respect for these principles, every day, in full but invisible and almost silent awareness, that reaffirms their true meaning.

And therefore we prefer, to hospitality made of already-written phrases, hospitality that means care, genuineness, every day different or, better yet, unique. We prefer and practice, compared to “respect” in the most generic meaning of the term, respect for every person, for things, for the environment, for our Company, and we transmit this principle to our Staff.

We believe in sharing as a method of growth and tool for achieving our goals.

We add, to our “duty” to do our job well, our “doing it with awareness” to create wellness for those who choose to stay with us.

Our Staff members each have their own experiences, culture, language and history, all worthy of being listened to.

And, to conclude, a smile, in all its forms, more or less obvious depending on each person, will always express and guarantee our values.

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