Mosaic Pool

Water with unique tones

Mosaic pool

This pool takes its name from its inside lining, consisting of small mosaic patterns that remind us of ancient Roman baths.  Colors like white, brown and ochre combine with natural daylight to give unique tones to the water.  The peculiarity of this pool is its “eight” shape that is part indoors and part outdoors so it can be enjoyed in all seasons.  During the coldest times of year the contrast between warm water and outside temperatures envelops the outdoor pool in a cloud of steam, making this a suggestive and even more relaxing place to be.

The pool has two cervical massage water jets and whirlpool sitting zones both indoors and outdoors.

The indoor relaxation zones, with comfortable sunbeds and soft lighting, ensure rest and tranquility. More sunbeds are found outside, surrounded by the greenery of our park.
This pool is entirely reserved for adults.

  • 34° / 36°
  • 130 cm.
  • 10.00 / 20.00
  • ADULTS ONLY (16+)

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