Lounge Bar

 an elegant atmosphere and a good drink

Cigars, once the icon of great bars in the past, a bit dusty but rich in charm, unfortunately you will not find them here. For a simple reason: smoking is forbidden (and is also bad for your health). What you will find, however, is an elegant atmosphere and a good drink. Our Lounge Bar is our get-together point par excellence where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the early morning, savor an aperitif or enjoy the end to a good day.

It is great to sit in our comfortable armchairs, surrounded by pastel colors, and be able to choose from our many offerings. Cocktails are all prepared at the moment and we also chose an invaluable selection of Pálinka for you, a typical Hungarian grappa made from different types of fruit and more.
For those who are “alcohol free” we offer beverages and fruit juices, non-alcoholic cocktails and thirst-quenching drinks. See you at the Lounge Bar!

7.30 / 23.00

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