to train mind and muscles

We have dedicated our gym to those of you who are most active and do not want to give up sustaining a little fatigue.
It is equipped with the best Technogym fitness equipment where you can train muscles and mind without overlooking anything.
In addition to the equipment you can also use a set of weights, rungs and, for boxers (or aspiring boxers) a punching bag.

At your disposal

2 Excite Run
Experience the natural feeling of running on a self-adapting platform and the unique and engaging experience offered by the Tapis Roulant.

1 Synchro Excite
Synchro Excite is an elliptical cross trainer that allows you a complete cardiovascular training session in total safety, without overloading the lower part of your body.

2 Excite Bike
Experience the sensation of a real road pedaling session. Biomechanics and ergonomic design offer a variety of ideal positions for maximizing your performance.

1 Excite Step
Excite Step is effective, silent, fluid and easy to use and offers complete cardiovascular training.

1 “Complete” training bench
This is a multipurpose bench for professional training. It has an elegant and refined design that is complete with all you need to tone up all major muscle groups using over 25 targeted exercises such as: slow squats, side lifts, arm extensions on a sloping bench, pull-overs, 90° side lifts, abdomen bends, sit-ups on an inclined bench, biceps with dumbbells on the bench and many more.

10.00 – 20.00

Please note that our Fitness room is reserved for adults only (above the age of 16).

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