Good morning

It is a “must” for us to help you start your day right

Our breakfast buffet does not include oysters or champagne. Rather you find a selection of fresh and genuine products, prepared with passion. It is a “must” for us to help you start your day right. This is why we have prepared a fantastic breakfast for you, served every day from 7:30 A.M. to 10 A.M.

Our buffet includes, among other things:

  • Fresh white and wholemeal bread, baked here every day by our master baker Giovanni
  • Fresh cow milk, coconut, soy, rice, oat, almond and lactose-free milks

For those who love sweets

  • A selection of 100% fruit jams, even in light versions
  • Flower honey
  • Small stuffed or empty croissants, hot and crisp
  • Cakes and biscuits all strictly homemade by our expert pastry cooks

For those who prefer salted foods

  • Eggs (local produce), scrambled or as you like them, made right for you by our Good Morning Chefs
  • Bacon, mini wurstel, Debrecen sausages, boiled smoked ham
  • Choice of cold cuts, chicken ham and paprika salami

From the dairy

  • Natural and fruit yogurt, lactose free, Kefir and butter from a Hungarian dairy
  • Natural cream cheese
  • Natural, ham or salami cheeses
  • Liptauer, a sharp goat cheese spread
  • Smoked cheeses, dense mozzarella, brie with red pesto, garlic and Trappist cheese

And more

  • Fresh vegetables such as peppers, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Fresh fruit in season and homemade fruit cocktail
  • Cereals and Muesli
  • Three types of fruit juice
  • A selection of hot drinks such as black coffee, cappuccino, chocolate and various types of tea

This is just a small selection of what you will find every morning. Discovering the rest is up to you

Obviously we care about your dietary needs in cases of intolerances or allergies. This is why we ask you to report these to our Team or when making your booking.
Our room service is ideal for those who love breakfast in bed. For a small extra charge* you can choose from a selection of products served directly to your bedroom.

* This service has an extra charge of 1,500 HUF per person.

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