The most beautiful city of Mitteleuropa

Crossed by the romantic Danube, surrounded on one side by the hills of Buda and on the other by the start of the great plains, Budapest is considered the most beautiful city in Mitteleuropa. It is also called the “Paris of the East” thanks to its intense and travailed history, its incredible architecture and its rich cultural heritage. The capital of Hungary has a unique charm. It is a perfect mix between occidental luxury and the simplicity of traditions.

The city rises on a slight bend in the Danube and features wide avenues, lush green parks and its famous spas. It often exudes a fin de siècle atmosphere due to the fact that most of its historic buildings were built during the industrial boom, the period of greatest splendor of the city.
Budapest is only about a two-hour drive from Körmend and less than three hours by train.

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