Bearers of our values


The 100 smiles are those of our staff. They bear our values, our story, who we are and what represents us.
Discover them here. You will find them during your stay and take them home in your memories.

once upon a time


We began as craftsmen. Yes, because our story starts many many years ago, in a small workshop near Lake Garda in Italy, where Piero Oliosi began making shoes.
In 1972 Olip was founded. Certainly, technology then was different then from now, but the foundations were always the use of premium quality leathers and materials, expertise and, above all, enthusiasm. Over the years this has developed and grown.

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our driving force


We come from a time when a handshake was worth as much as a signature on a contract. Times have (maybe) changed, but what we believe in has not. Our values are our driving force. Certainly speaking of values sometimes seems merely fashionable but it is the respect for these principles, every day, in full but invisible and almost silent awareness, that reaffirms their true meaning.

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those who represent our values


We like to call our staff our Ambassadors. Representatives of our values, our image, our promises. Whether experienced or just arrived we ask you to expect enthusiasm for their jobs and for this place from them. Theirs are the 100 smiles that will welcome you and assist you for the entire duration of your stay. They are our greatest value.

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before, during and after


We are close to you. Always. And this is why we would like to give a few suggestions so you can best organize your experience at Mjus World.

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