Resort & Thermal Park

Kristilla Szolgáltatóés Kereskedelmi Kft.

9900 Körmend

Rákóczi F. u. 154.


Hotel +36 94 514 111

Park +36 94 514 112

Info +36 94 884 005



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A trip to regenerate the body and spirit, taking the best wellness traditions from the four corners of the world:

the northern cold of the FINNISH SAUNA with the KNEIPP treatment. The magical Middle-Eastern atmosphere of a TURKISH BATH and the MEDITERRANEAN SAUNA.

Asian wisdom with the aroma of spices in the special herbal tea TASTING ROOM.

Traditional western fitness thanks to the FITNESS AREA, with the BEAUTY CENTER and SOLARIUM.

Our customers in search of relaxation will find a number of opportunities to recharge in our hotel:

the spa, thermal pool, fitness centre, an infinite variety of beauty treatments and a huge range of massages, giving you the perfect opportunity for a holiday of wellness.


  • Turkish bath
  • Roman bath
  • Bio sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Kneipp therapy
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Sensory showers
  • SPA zone with 10 cabins for personal care (basic beauty treatments) and a wide range of massages
  • Relaxation rooms
  • Panoramic Jacuzzi pool
  • Sauna Jacuzzi pool

Types of Massages Mjus Spa offers:

Honey massage:

Honey massage has hundreds of years of history in Tibet and Russia. This type of massage can be very relaxing or slightly painful. Prior to honey massage, the massage therapist must make sure that the patient is not allergic to honey.The essence of this massage is the use of honey as a substance that has gluing qualities. Warmed up honey is poured over the area that is being massaged, and then the therapist puts hands onto this area and unglues the palms. The palmar surface of the hands of the therapist pull up on the skin resulting in a pumping motion, which stimulates reflex zones, improves circulation and helps the body in removal of toxins.During the massage, beneficial substances from the honey, such as vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and over 30 different minerals, are absorbed directly into the skin and trapped toxins are loosened.

Anti-cellulitis massage:

This massage is carried out with a special and effective technique to get rid of cellulite, focusing on the areas of the stomach, bottom and the thighs. It is carried out with a strong kneading, pinching-like technique to break down the fat cells. Speeding up metabolism and stimulating the blood circulation. It makes the skin flexible, toned and smooth. It is important that the client will drink adequate amount of fluid after the massage in order to help removing the toxins from the system. The affect can be increased with using special cream. Regular treatment is advised. (It is advised as a regular treatment).

Sport massage:

Sport massage technique is specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.Specially designed sports massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance.

Face-head-shoulder massage:

This massage does what it says using specific movements on the face and head. The massage therapist applies pressure point technique on the upper back and the shoulder. This is usually carried out without any oil or cream. It is a very nice and slow, relaxing massage

Shiatsu massage:

Shiatsu massage is a form of Japanese bodywork that uses localised finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on those specific areas of the body used in acupressure. Hence, when pressure is applied to shiatsu meridian lines on the body, certain desirable benefits are obtained. The meridians are known as the pathway of life energy (chi) of the human body. Each point is held for two to eight seconds to improve the flow of energy and help the body regain balance. The massage is made on mattress in light and comfortable clothing.

Relaxing Aromatherapy massage:

Using Swedish massage movements but a lot slower with long, nice and soft strokes for a total relaxation of the body and the mind. Combination of the massage and the aroma oils can increase the effect.

Cleopatra massage:

Cleopatra massage is a unique treatment using a special mixture of honey, cream and essential oils. Combining this oil, rich in vitamins and minerals, with smooth and relaxing strokes will bring you harmony in your body and your soul.Manager or Seated massage:This massage is usually last for a short 5 to 15 minutes in a seated position in work places or public places to ease the tension from the back, shoulder and neck. It is performed in clothing stimulating pressure points loosing up stiff muscles.

Classical Swedish massage:

The most popular and best-known massage to relax the entire body by performing smooth long strokes rubbing the muscles in the direction of blood returning to the heart encouraging the blood and lymph circulation. Using deep strokes and additional techniques including circular pressure, firm kneading and percussion-like tapping, concentrating on common problematic areas such as neck-shoulders, upper back around the shoulder blades, lower back and hips.  

Deep Tissue massage:

Deep Tissue massage uses similar technique as the Swedish massage where the strokes are faster in order to warm up the skin and the deeper pressure is beneficial for releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layer of muscle tissues, tendons and fascia, working more on pressure points (Trigger pints). At the end of the massage, it is advised to do additional movements to mobilise the joints and stretches to ease the tension in the muscles and tendons. These are slow concentrated moves.

Chocolate massage:

Chocolate has antioxidant effect, inhibits the damage of the body’s cells, slowing the ageing, moisturising and firming the skin. The chocolate nutritious, energizing, revitalizing effect is outstanding. The endorphin producing effect of the chocolate is well-known which supports the skin, the body and the soul harmony charges.Throughout the treatment the missing vitamins and minerals (phosphorus, potassium, manganese) absorb through the skin, and becomes smooth and velvety.

Relaxing Feet massage/ Reflexology:

This is a method of alternative medicine in which the reflex points found on the feet are massaged with a special technique. Encourages the organ system’s self healing process, normalises the energy flow, relief stress. Stabilizes the nervous system, improves circulation and helps promote to get rod of waste products.

Lomi-Lomi massage:

Lomi-Lomi massage comes from Hawaii, originally done by Hawaiian monks and healers, which requires special technique. This caressing massage treats the whole body creating a perfect harmony. During the session the therapist imitates the waves of the see with long, rocking, continuous, gentle and yet deep movements that gives the clients a total mental, emotional and physical relaxation. The therapist will take care of the joints and muscles, relax the shoulder-, knees-, hip- and ankle joints, while in addition to the classic massage moves the forearms and the elbows are also used. Lomi-Lomi relieves stress, reduces depression long term, pain relieving massage which helps the flow of vital energy.Relaxing music, scented candles and aroma lamps complement this unique experience.

Hot Lava stone massage:

Combining the benefits of the oily massage with the water heated lava stones warming effect. Placing the stones on different energy points of the body above the chakras, where they exert their effect. This combination helps energy flow, stress relief, improves well-being, banishes pain, eases muscle tension, improves circulation and metabolism.

Bamboo massage:

The Bamboo massage is a unique and exclusive massage from the Far East. This is a real muscle tone increasing technique. The finer movements stimulate the upper layers of the tissue, while the stronger pressures affect on the deeper located tissues and muscles.Because the bamboo is natural, lightweight, flexible and has a hollow structure, it is perfectly suitable for an unforgettable experience. The shape and hardness of the bamboo will give a total unique feeling to the large areas of the body that the hands of the massage therapist can never give back.