Resort & Thermal Park

Kristilla Szolgáltatóés Kereskedelmi Kft.

9900 Körmend

Rákóczi F. u. 154.


Hotel +36 94 514 111

Park +36 94 514 112

Info +36 94 884 005



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•    We kindly ask our Guests who stay in the area of MJUS WORLD to follow the norms consciously, to maintain the public order and security.

•    The buildings of MJUS WORLD are at all our Guests' service, please keep the integrity, functioning and hygiene of these.

•    In case of impairment of the buildings or services of the Park, the Guest is responsable for any damage.

•    The management does not take responsibility for the valuables that are left in the parking area, inside or outside of the Park.

•    For the reason of hygiene and sanitation you can bring the animals only in the parking area and in the shops nearby. No Dogs are allowed in the Hotel.



•    It is obligatory to wear the swimsuit and slippers in the whole area of the park.

•    Please tie up your long hair before you step into the pool, however the use of bathing-cap is not necessary.

•    Under 3-year-old children can only use the children's pool wearing the special bathing nappy.


The MJUS WORLD is the perfect place for relax, well-being and entertaining. In order to garantee everywhere the rest for Our Guests, it is not permitted:

•    running in the park and jumping into the pools;

•    smoking, including the e-cigarette, except at the assigned areas for smoking;

•    listening to music without a headset;

•    leaving the phones on loud mode;

•    playing with balls or with other toys which can disturb the safety of our Guests, except at the assigned areas for children;

•    playing with inflatable beach toys (except the inflatable arm bands for children);

•    consuming food and beverage which you have brought from outside.

•    From Monday to Friday (except the holidays) the use of deckchairs is provided. On Sunday and on the holidays the possibility of using the deckchairs is provided, till we have them in the stock.

•     It is strictly prohibited to occupy the deckchairs with towels or with any other objects, while you are in the pool or you hang around.

•     Our staff is authorized to remove the objects left alone in the Park. We provide you lockers, shelves and hooks to keep your valuables safe.

•     The children under 14 years of age can use the facilities and services of the MJUS WORLD only under adult supervision. It is necessary to show the passport or identity card of the children to have a discount of the prices.

•     We ask our Guests to keep a moderate volume while speaking in the other public areas.  

•     Please leave the pools and  the Sauna&Relax section 30 minutes before the closure of MJUS WORLD.

•     You can consume 6.500,- HUF with the electric bracelet for children under 14 years of age, and 32.000,- HUF with the bracelet for adults.

•     In case of losing the electric bracelet the sum of the penalty corresponds to the amounts above mentioned.

•     We kindly ask every couple and single Guests to have an adequate behaviour in the entire area of  MJUS WORLD.

•    To keep the privacy we ask our Guests not to take any photo or video of the inside of outside of our hotel, if you have not received a permission from the staff for it.

•     In case of bad weather we can not reimburse the price of the tickets.



•     It is permitted to enter only for adults in the sauna area.

•     It is not allowed for children under 14 years of age to enter the sauna area as it is a Relax Room where utter silence is required.

•    You can enter the sauna- and vapour cabin only without swimsuit or other clothes. It is required to cover with a towel or a sheet the private parts of the body in any public area of the MJUS WORLD.

•     For hygienic reasons you can not to enter the sauna in your own swimsuit and slippers, please use bath-sheet or the paper suit to cover your body. The paper suit costs 350 Ft.

•    It is necessary to use the shower before you enter the sauna.

•    If you have any respiratory or cardiovascular disease, please before using the sauna, refer to your doctor.



•     Anyone who fails to comply, the Management can deny the service from them. In this case the price of the tickets is not possible to reimburse. 

The management reserves the right to suspend the entrance in order to guarantee the safety of our Guest, especially in holidays or in long weekends.