Resort & Thermal Park

Kristilla Szolgáltatóés Kereskedelmi Kft.

9900 Körmend

Rákóczi F. u. 154.


Hotel +36 94 514 111

Park +36 94 514 112

Info +36 94 884 005



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The Rooms We Offer!

  • Standard Room

    Furnished with a double bed or two single beds, equipped with a comfortable bathroom with a large shower, and complete with a balcony and window giving the room light. Able to accommodate two people, with the possibility of a third bed and a cot (with wash basin).

  • Family Room

    Able to accommodate 2 to 4 adults or children with a double bed or separate beds, equipped with a spacious shower stall, complete with a balcony and window giving the room light.

  • Junior Suite

    Unique room ideal for those looking for lots of space or for families with more than one child, featuring a double bed, a sofa bed for children, a bathroom with a large shower, and lots of light from the balcony and window.

  • Suite

    Elegantly furnished, welcoming and spacious, this is the perfect choice for those looking for a relaxing and peaceful space. Ideal for families, the spaces are composed of 2 bedrooms, a comfortable bathroom with a large shower, a living room, a large balcony, plus a walk-in closet.

  • Aparthotel

    Able to accommodate 2 to 4 people, with a small corner kitchen, an independent entrance and space for parking at the front. 4 are available for guests with disabilities.

MJUS Shop Online

MUJS Shop Online

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Our hotel’s additional services are: conference room, wellness centre, restaurants, pizzeria, bakery, bowling, banquets and events. Our restaurants will please all travellers with an international cuisine, as well as Italian and Hungarian specialties.

Restaurants & Bars

At Mjus World you will find a varied menu italian and international dishes, as well as traditional hungarian specialties.

Mjus SPA

The hotel is situated inside a 86244 square metre aquatic park, with 5 pools constantly heated with thermal water with slides..

Ultra Modern Fitness Center

Traditional western fitness thanks to the FITNESS AREA, with the BEAUTY CENTER and SOLARIUM.

Campers Dump Station

A designed facility, NOW available in Mjus World, intended to receive the discharge of wastewater from Caravans and Campers.

Mjus World - Resort & Thermal Park

A world of diverse services tailored to the individual needs of its customers, giving each of them the utmost comfort during their stay. The hotel has modern facilities and services: 123 rooms divided into 68 Standard Rooms, 36 Family Rooms, 4 Junior Suites, 4 Suites, 11 Aparthotels, 4 of which dedicated to guests with disabilities, all furnished with a modern design that will meet every customer’s needs.

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